Finished the Breckenridge Brewery Sampler Pack and Running on Ruby 1.9.2 + Rails 3

4 Nov 2010 – Denver, CO

Todays broadcast brought to you by the always epic album:

History of a Time to Come

Took me a while to get round to this. I’ve meet meaning to upgrade the hackintosh to Snow Leopard, so I’ve been putting off most other upgrades until I get round to it. Anyway, this evening I could wait no longer and took the Ruby 1.9.2 plunge as well as installing the Rails 3.0.1 gems.

What can I say ? Along the way I discovered something I absolutely love. Ruby Version Manager is literally the dogs bollocks. It freaking awesome. No more ‘sudo gem install’. I now have 1.8.6, 1.8.7 and 1.9.2 rubies, all with their own gemsets, instantly switchable in 1 command line. Go check it out, I dare you not to love it.

What else ? One thing I did notice is that RSpec has changed considerably. None of the previous 1.3 specs worked in a couple of the plugins I played with. To that end, I’ve checked in patches for feedzilla and sax-machine. You can either clone those repositories and build your own gems locally, or wait until the changes are pulled into the man repos, which are here and here respectively.