Sim Hacking

22 June 2011 – Denver, CO

Summer is here and its epic. Quit the enterprisey IBM product management job to go back to startup-land. These guys are very smart, great to work with, and trying to change the world. I’ve also been knocking out some iPad & Android code at the weekend, so posts to come.

I picked up a used Samsung Captivate so I could get my hands dirty with some Android OS code.

Samsung Captivate

The only snag is that it wanted a standard SIM and all I had to hand (from my iPhone 4)was a micro-sim:


A quandary! Not to be outdone, and in the interests of the hands on imperative I decided to butcher an old SIM-card and turn it into a placeholder for the micro-SIM. In short:


And it works! This pleases me immensely. Android code to come!