Indexing Pathfinder Society Modules in Rails

1 Nov 2010 – Denver, CO

I play a lot of Pathfinder, which is actually an incarnation of Dungeons & Dragons. I love paizo and think the quality of the stuff they produce is outstanding. Anyway, I was having a little trouble navigating the list of modules/scenarios available, so a spare saturday afternoon knocked up a site called libris arcanis.

This is perfect for Rails. Its a quick rake task to fetch the data, with active record abstracting all the heavy lifting. All we need to do is stick a controller in front of it and some pretty CSS (which a grabbed from LFR Compendium so kudos to those guys for letting me use it).

I haven’t had a chance to add things to github yet, but in short, this is why I love rails. All in, this was about 4-8 hours effort an a saturday afternoon, fueled by:

Vanilla Porter

C’est tout! Getting sprinklers blown out for the winter, must run!